The first sentence

The first sentence

Picture this: You’re at the book store, doing a little book shopping. You pick up a book with an amazing cover. You read the title and it grabs your attention. You quickly flip to the first page with determination and you read the first sentence… and it sucks. With disappointment, you slowly lower the book back down to the table and with your head hung, you sulk away. 

It is imperative that the first two to three sentences of a book grab the reader and draw them in.  

I am here to provide you with a few tips to help draw your readers into your book with your opening sentence…

1. Provoke the readers emotions

2. Ask a question or make a claim

3. Tell the reader what they will learn or discover

4. Give character background information that interests the reader

5. Introduce character to the reader in an interesting or surprising way 

6. Describe the setting in a unique way

If these 6 ideas fail to help you, read the first sentence of your top 10 favorite books. That should give you a good idea of spectacular opening lines.

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