Planner Failure

Planner failure

Maybe my blog post title caught your attention…I’m glad my failure drew you in. Just kidding. 

I would however, like to discuss yearly planners.

I have purchased so many over the years. I bought one specifically for authors, one with a pretty floral cover that allowed for daily, weekly, and monthly agendas, a cheapy from Dollar Tree, and even created my own from scratch by purchasing a 3-ring binder, inserts, and pretty stickers.

None of them worked! Not a single one. I’d start using them and in no time, they would end up sitting beneath my TBR pile on my nightstand…which deserves a blog post of its own. 

Here’s the kicker… I’m a highly organized individual! I’m a planner and extreme organizer. I’m also not one to hold on to items I haven’t used in months…I’ll toss or give them away in a heartbeat. 

Why on earth am I so anti-planner? 

Funny little tidbit… I print monthly calendars from and utilize them like nobody’s business. 

Go figure! 


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