Autumn Writing

Autumn vibes

Fall is officially here and winter is upon us! Who’s ready for autumn writing?┬áCheck out my cozy fall-inspired tips and ideas to get you into the season.

Seasonal tips:

  • Dress for success: Get out your comfy sweaters, pants, and socks, it’s time to write
  • Hot drinks: Stock up on coffee, hot cocoa, and teas… these are a must when writing in autumn
  • Writing outdoors: Take it outside…write with your laptop on the porch or in the park
  • Writing from home: No porch or park available? Open the house windows and enjoy the fresh air while writing
  • Reading: Take your book and a blanket outside and enjoy the fresh air 

Topics and computer tips:

  • Change your background picture on your computer and phone to something fall-related
  • Take fall-inspired photos to post on social media
  • Start a blog and write fall-related posts: weather, clothing, books, and foods
  • If you write articles online, write a few fall-related articles

Now, grab some friends or family and go for an autumn hike! (Take a picture for social media!)

Do movies about writers inspire you?


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