My trunk is broken!

I own a Jeep that I love dearly. I keep it clean inside and out, service it regularly, and usually refrain from driving like a maniac. All because I love it so much.

Every week, I order my groceries online and pick them up from the store.

This week, my regular store did not offer a couple of items that I needed, so I physically went into another grocery store to purchase those items. 

Are you curious as to what those items were? I figured you might be…starter logs and wood for the fireplace. There, now you know.

I clicked the trunk up button on my key fob as I walked to the Jeep and noticed it wasn’t going up.

Frustrated, I said a few choice words under my breath.

When I got to the vehicle, I pressed the button again and saw the problem. 

My husband left his bike rack in the hitch, and the trunk would open, hit it, and close.

Now, my choice words were geared toward my husband, not my perfect Jeep. 


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