Are You a Multi-Tasker?

Multi-tasking at its finest

Are you a multitasker? Do you like to “kill two birds with one stone” as they say? Here is a big YES from me on both!

When you sit an watch television in the evenings, do you give it your full attention or are you doing other things while you watch?

If I am watching a good movie, I will give it my full attention. If I am not interested, I grab my phone and do things to accelerate my business online.

Allow me to explain:

  1. TikTok

I will grow my TT account while I watch TV by following accounts in my genre.

  1. Create Videos

I have video apps downloaded to my phone. In 15 minutes I can make several videos to use on social media to use later.

  1. Creating Memes

I have apps downloaded to my phone that allow me to create memes. I can create several memes in 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Follow My Favorites on Instagram and Twitter

I like to follow my favorite authors on both channels. After you follow them, be sure to go through their account and like several of their posts.

  1. Facebook

It only takes a couple of minutes to post a picture of your book with a quick message and link to purchase on Facebook.

These are all easy tasks that can get you ahead of the gameā€¦and all while you watch television.


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